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There's office & there's HOME OFFICE

Home Office Trends in 2021

Chances are, you didn’t put much thought into home offices back in January. Sure, having an alternative office was a nice idea, but it would always play second fiddle to your corporate cubicle or co-working space. But, whether you have an entire room to dedicate to work or a tiny nook wedged in between your living room and kitchen, a home office is now essential. The work-from-home trend isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might want to make “redecorating your office” part of your 2021 resolutions.

Take a Seat

You don’t live in a corporate environment, so your home shouldn’t reflect that. Instead, your desk or work table should be paired with a chair you’d sit in at your dining room table.

Color Me Happy

Being stuck at home comes with a certain monotony. You’re making it work, but still miss the serendipitous chats with coworkers, and an inspiring office environment. With the recognition that we’re in this WFH phase for a while longer, 2021 is an invitation to bring more joy and cheer into your home office with a more playful and vibrant palette.

We expect to see a rise in colorful home office accents, from bold rugs to statement chairs.

Peace and Quiet

As more people work remotely with many family members or roommates also working from home, they’ll be looking to invest in ways that reduce distracting noises. While noise canceling headphones may be the office accessory of the year, some may invest in double or triple pane windows, or other soundproofing techniques, such as carpeting or acoustic panels.

Cozy Corporate

In 2021 we will see the home office firmly established as a staple in the modern home. This room will overtake the kitchen as a focal point. With an emphasis on work wellness, designers will create spaces that focus on nature and neutral materiality. This will manifest with light walnut in combination with aqua, greens and greys. Or, a combination of this materiality and colors in calming patterned wallpaper to radiate natural and artificial light.

Let There Be Light

In the age of ZOOM, the trend has to include specific attention to the need for video conferencing. Who would have thought one year ago that we would be talking about designing spaces dedicated specifically to video conferencing...cue ZOOM room? The two most important features to pay attention to include your lighting and your background. Light your home office to look your best on a Zoom call. That means multidirectional lighting to avoid shadows, so you can always be camera ready.

Wow With Your Walls

We can use our home office spaces as a way to foster connection while we are apart.

In 2021, home office areas will be much more intentionally planned and considered. Think dedicated Zoom call backdrops, like a fabulous gallery wall or a super styled bookcase. It’s more important than ever for our homes to reflect our style, values and anything that brings us joy.

Work-Life Balance

From plant walls and sun lamps to chaise lounges and rugs with cozy textures, clients are seeking spaces that help them blend work, play, and pray. The home office will continue to evolve, but we see clients continuing to value design elements that maximize self-care while helping them maintain productivity.

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