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Kitchen Color Trends 2021

No surprise, white is still the favorite! (timeless) For islands or base cabinets, blue in cobalt or navy, light or slate, will continue to be a solid choice. Gray in warmer tones pairs well with a range of other colors, and works as a base for countertops and base cabinets.

Green in sage or mint shades is predicted to make some inroads, but in lighter earthy and subtle tones.

At the same time design professionals suggesting that darker forest greens — something called Jasper and Salamander should be also considered in kitchen cabinet finishes. Burgundy and yellow are also in the forecast, and seem appropriately trendy. As such, they will likely have more of a cult following. Black is a classic color. But for cabinets? Yes, but in moderation. Shades of black such as charcoal will find their niche in kitchen cabinet colors. A black kitchen can border on the dramatic if too glossy or overly matte. Obviously, as with any darker colors, too much can shrink a kitchen. Undoubtedly, the top trend in kitchen design is still the use of white painted cabinets. Always a solid choice, white kitchen cabinets complement any architectural style, from traditional to modern. Options for accent colors are unlimited, making for endless creative possibilities. There’s much to consider when choosing the right color combinations for your unique situation.

We encourage you to reach out to one of our professional to help guide you through your kitchen project.

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